February 18, 2016

Enhanced Report

While all POS systems give you sales data to some degree, the capabilities and clarity of a system’s reporting platform are not all created equally. Your POS system should be able to generate detailed sales reports that not only identify your best selling items and returns, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing. Insist on a POS system that can track sales by department, item, and hour so you can adjust staffing accordingly and allocate floor space more efficiently. And while detailed exportable reports will be useful for accounting purposes, as an owner or manager you may prefer to use on-screen reports and charts for easy-to-grasp snapshot views.


  • Sales Summary for each user, and each station
  • Shift Report
  • Hourly Sales Report
  • Products Sales Report ( 1day, 7days, 30days, 60days)
  • Transaction Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Cost, Margin Rate, and Each Products Sales Portion
  • Summary Report (Clock in and out)
  • Work Hours Total Report
  • Activities Report (Log in/out, Touching System Menu, Void, Open cash draw)
  • Showing all kind of tender separately
  • Showing all sales related transactions (send to e-mails and duplicate copies are possible.)
  • Automatic Alert Function: If certain events are occurred, (i.e.: Register Open/Close, Void, Gift Card Purchase/Reload, Cash drawer open with No Sale, Payout) GoldenKey POS send email notification to management
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: If you have an internet enabled device, you could see all the activities in your store in real time